About Anne Hill, ND

My interest in caring for others began as a child. One of my early career aspirations was to become a doctor, though I came by this career circuitously.  I had been living in New York City for graduate school in 1994 and had the opportunity to take an herbal medicine class with Arcus Flynn, herbalist and from there on out I knew I had found my calling. I had the opportunity to study and apprentice as a herbalist with many amazing teachers, including Dr. Tieraona Low Dog and Michael Moore when I relocated to New Mexico. In 1996 I studied Core Synchronism with Robert Stevens, ND as well as Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Radionics and Ayurvedic Medical Training with Deanna Batdorf and then Dr. Vasant Lad.  I had begun seeing clients at this time and knew I needed more of a formal education in medicine so in 1999 I began Naturopathic Medical school at The National University of Naturopathic Medicine (then known as NCNM).

As a primary care provider, I am pulling from a wide range of knowledge, providing an in depth understanding of different modalities of healthcare. I am proficient at digging deeper to understand the root cause of why my patients do not feel well and I have the perseverance to see how to get to the deepest layer of healing for them.

As a teacher, I do not look to train practitioners in just another skill set. I wish to impart the ability to use Cranial Therapy as part of a well-rounded practice of medicine. And when training in more Naturopathic topics I wish to pass on some of the wisdom that I have learned from the amazing patients who have been my greatest teachers over these past 20 years.