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Lyme Disease and Its Common Co-Morbidities:             Approaching the Chronically Ill Patient
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Lyme Disease and Its Common Co-Morbidities: Approaching the Chronically Ill Patient




Lyme Disease and tick-borne illness is a vast topic. Many patients struggle to find Lyme-literate physicians.  While you may not want to specialize in treating Lyme Disease in your patient population, if you can understand when Lyme Disease or its common co-morbidities may be affecting your patients, you can help them recover faster. Many of these patients become chronically ill because recognizing, properly assessing and treating the factors of these illnesses is understood by too few physicians.  Many years go by before these patients are properly diagnosed and their illness is fully understood.

Our class is designed to help you understand how to recognize, test for and begin basic treatment for Lyme Disease, tick-borne illnesses and related conditions. We will also cover chronic viral illness and other stealth pathogens, mold illness, parasitic infections, metal toxicity, KPU, dental infections, and EMF sensitivity. We will also explain how these illnesses overlap and how you cannot treat one without ruling out the others for your chronically ill patients. There will be time for clinical presentations and a question and answer session.

Presented by Dr. Brooke Bodeen, Dr. Mónica Calderón, Dr. Anne Hill, Dr. Ami Kapadia and Dr. Tom Messinger

Lunch  Gluten-free lunch with a dairy free option will be provided. If you have additional dietary restrictions, please let us know when you register. Lunch is included in the cost of registration

CEU  7.0 units of General CE through OBNM

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Cranial Therapy level 1: Exploring the felt Sense
to Jan 28

Cranial Therapy level 1: Exploring the felt Sense

Cranial therapy is a gentle manipulative bodywork based on Cranial Osteopathy and our Intuitive Sense which focuses on establishing harmony, via the vital force and the cerebrospinal fluid, with all parts of the organism, including the physical and the etheric bodies.

Cranial Therapy is an invaluable modality for any healthcare provider. The ability to sense the inherent connection to heath in one's patient and to be able to provide immediate hands on relief of pain and suffering is why any patient visits their most trusted provider. This class will help you achieve that skill immediately and give specific protocols to follow and use as soon as you walk back into your office.

Craniosacral therapy classes with Dr. Anne Hill, ND are not only fun and enlightening but this is a practical bodywork skill that you can use immediately with your patient population. These classes are professionally tailored to those in the Naturopathic profession as well as to other providers such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and other providers who want to enhance their skill set. As of 2017 Anne has 24 years of experience practicing and more then 18 years experience teaching. She brings practical information to the table and is able to discuss manipulation techniques related to specific pathologies and how it relates to the physical and mental emotional process of healing. She is also adept at discussing how this fits in with your business model and how to integrate it successfully into your practice.

Each day is 9-5pm

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Advanced Neural Therapy with Jeff Harris, ND
to Nov 5

Advanced Neural Therapy with Jeff Harris, ND

Advanced Neural Therapy Workshop

with Jeff Harris ND

November 3rd, 4th & 5th 2017 each day is 9:00am-5:00pm

In this injection workshop, I will teach advanced injections that are very useful in everyday practice.  These injections have treatment, healing and detoxifying effects but as the nervous systems gets better you can go on to maintenance, optimization and into the anti-ageing effects of Neural Therapy.  This will be a hands-on workshop for those with experience in Neural Therapy and I have discretion as to who can attend.  I’m creating a safe healing environment to learn Advanced Neural Therapy.

Cost:  Doctors $1600

          Early discount of $200 off if registered by September 8th 2017

Register with credit card by contacting Dr. Harris or his staff at 206-517-4748; or mail check to: Naturopathic Healthcare Inc., 7201 - 5th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA98115.  Include your name, email address, and phone number.

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