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Craniosacral Therapy Forest Bathing Retreat

This is a three-day workshop meant to encourage you to explore the boundaries of your own healing capability. Three days of connecting in with your own craniosacral rhythm and working with the etheric bodies and the central nervous system of your clientele. This weekend we will explore traditional healing techniques in cleansing and clearing as well as rebooting the vital force all within the context of the craniosacral rhythm so that you can offer your clientele not only a physical but also an emotional and spiritual healing journey when they come to see you. Ever wonder-what is it that is the deepest place to evoke a healing shift in my patients. This is it! We will begin to learn to swim in the eternal well of questions that help your patients to see their illness from a different perspective. This is a weekend that I will invite those who have taken my level 1 and 2 classes. If you want to take your palpation skills to the next level I invite you to join me. Our weekend will include time in the woods, with the plants, journeywork and journaling, sauna time and hands on healing with the craniosacral rhythm using guided meditation. All of what I teach is a personal healing plus a skill that you can bring to your clientele when you begin your next day of work.

Craniosacral therapy classes with Dr. Anne Hill, ND are not only fun and enlightening but this is a practical bodywork skill that you can use immediately with your patient population. These classes are professionally tailored to those in the Naturopathic profession as well as to other providers such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and other providers who want to enhance their skill set. As of 2019 Anne has 26 years of experience practicing and more then 20 years experience teaching. She brings practical information to the table and is able to discuss manipulation techniques related to specific pathologies and how it relates to the physical and mental emotional process of healing. She is also adept at discussing how this fits in with your business model and how to integrate it successfully into your practice.