Copy of Testimonials


S.S. Designer

Dr. Hill's approach just makes sense. She listens to her patients for clues, and searches for other puzzle pieces through testing. She then provides advice for improved health, monitors progress, and makes changes when necessary. Her thorough knowledge, willingness to continue research, and keen intelligence makes her method work better than any I've found.

M.P. Therapist

I have sought many different practitioners for stubborn symptoms that have alluded me and many of the professionals I hired.  Dr. Hill was my first experience of someone who possessed the comforting combination of a lot knowledge, professionalism, compassion and humility.  She honestly was interested in me and what I was experiencing and provided me with resources and information that assisted me in my health goals.  Dr. Hill has found the right vocation as it is obvious she has passion for what she does and takes a personal approach to treating the individual, not the problem.  I have learned a lot from working with Dr. Hill and she has become a barometer of excellence in what I look for in all of my health providers.

M.H. Therapist

As a Holistic Health Counselor with some health problems I was very frustrated with the Naturopaths that I had visited.  I was ready to give up and try another route when I was referred to Anne Hill.  I was relieved and delighted to watch my body recover quickly and gently after working with Anne.  And I was hooked on her craniosacral work. It felt like a massage to my nervous system.   I am truly grateful that I was guided to her door and refer her with complete confidence.